Lazenne - logo, stationery, illustration set

The project, in which watercolor illustrations are combined with vector graphics, favorite typography with favorite technique of printing, and the smell of cider with a taste of wine. Brand is the distributor of luggage used for traveling with more bottles of selected beverage. Wine collection after wine tasting in Provence, Tuscan olive or Belgian beer can be safely, legally and conveniently transported on the road, on the airport during check-in. Due to the nature of the brand and the fact that it has its headquarters in France, the whole project is maintained in the “French” mood and it is intended to be stylish, but at the same it has light character.

Lazenne logo - idea: French, elegant, wine related brand
Illustrations and lettering for the website
Prints - letterpress business card, flyers/postcards (offset), poster - stand (digital print)
Graphic elements for social media feeds: icons, pattern

Package - pattern for products - bottle protectors 
Photos of boxes: Feliks Marciniak
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